Colorado-bred writer, Christina Bergling, sold her soul early into the writing game. By fourth grade, she knew she wanted to be an author. In college, she studied English with a Professional Writing emphasis. Her creative nonfiction class yielded two pieces that were later published—Tell Me About Your First Time in the college literary magazine riverrun and How to Kill Yourself Slowly on denversyntax.com.

However, with the realities of eating and paying bills, the survivalist in her hocked her passion for dystopian horror for a profession as a technical writer and document manager. Bergling published the short story Death and Other Disappointments while working as a technical writer for a Department of Defense contractor. That job took her to Iraq for one rotation, which cracked her mind open to a whole new perspective and started infecting her writing. She blogged from Iraq and during pregnancy and now continues another blog centered on running.

Her debut novella, Savages, was released in December 2014 and was followed by a second, The Waning, in July 2015.

SavagesCoverChristina    TheWaning_Cover

Bergling is a mother of two young children and lives with her family in Colorado Springs.


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    Hope I can contribute, keep it creepy!


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